The Birth of New Recipe Tuesday (or How Did I Get Here?)

At the encouragement of friends who have followed me on Facebook, I have decided to finally move my culinary adventures to a Food Blog. Wow, me a writer. Now, I have no training in this area, but I think I am able to articulate a thought or two about food, so here we go.

About 4 years ago, I began a food adventure in the hopes of introducing my then 12 year old son to some new tastes. Our idea was simple. Every Tuesday, we would try a recipe for something we had never had before. We have tried all sorts of things since then. Many successes that are now part of my regular rotation. Many failures that I will never attempt again (still haven’t recovered from the gnocchi incident!). But through it all, I have found a new passion for food, a love of exotic ingredients and a genuine talent for finding dishes that (usually) taste pretty good.

But with all things, you sometimes have to adapt, and that is where the “theme” idea was born. I wanted to have a goal for each week, a better focus in my search. So that is where the Fifty States of New Recipe Tuesday came from. Each week, I take a look at one of our great states, bringing a little history and finding a recipe that is unique to that state. To put a twist on it, I am doing the states in order of when they joined the union, starting with Delaware and ending in Hawaii. Some will be brilliant, some will be terrible. But I will share them all and hopefully you will get some enjoyment (and maybe a new dinner idea) from it.

In order to bring the blog up to speed, I will be doing a back track and fill in the states we have already done. That way, the blog will ultimately have a complete compilation of recipes.

So welcome to Tuesday Food Day. I look forward to sharing my kitchen with you.


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